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Web Design

If you do not have a website and a strong web presence by now, then your company has not reached it's full technological potential that the 21st century has to offer.  Whether this is you, or your website is just not up to today's standards, then we want to utilize our knowledge and skills to get you there.  Rohde Design Group has a team of web designers who are also professional graphic designers.  We begin every project with the goal of giving your site the best possible graphical design built on a sturdy foundation of coding.  We take pride in building sites that are "eye candy" to the public, and well-oiled machines to other designers.  Our pricing may differ depending on the range of options you select, but our quality never changes.

Content Management Systems - CMS

When your company is going to have lots of content, or dynamic content, then you will probably need a Content Management System.  When we build your site to work with a CMS it gives you the freedom to update your site and add content for the years to come with very little maintenance.

All CMS's have a back-end login that you or your employees can access.  Depending on which CMS you use there will be options for almost anything, but we teach you which ones to use, and which ones to stay away from.  We would not want you to crash your site, so we make sure not only to build for the CMS, but also give you a mini-lesson on how to use it to suit your needs.  A CMS can save you $$$ by allowing you to update your own material instead of paying someone else to do it for you time after time.

Community Features



If you have not noticed, blogs are big.  Super big.  They are so big that twitter came along and made a micro-blog so you can really let everyone know whats going on in your life.  But to a lot of people a blog is a must have for their company.  It is a way to share your company's thoughts, ideas, events, and news with your current or potential clients.  We can hook you up with a Content Management System and a blog that will make your life much easier.  So easy, that all you'll have to do is log in, write a new post, hit publish, and BAM its on the web for the world to see.  Make sure to use the spellchecker feature =)

Message board/Forum

Some businesses need or want a forum on their site.  We are here to give you the gift of discussion.  We can build an engaging forum using the correct software for your needs.  Incorporating a forum on your website is a great way to spark debate or discussion on a wide range of topics.  The best part of having an active forum is that you can get instant feedback on what people are thinking - and that's always a good thing.


Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing are two important tools to help get your site noticed on the web, but they accomplish this in different ways.  SEO is all about building your site to be read by the browsers properly and making sure that the best keywords are used in the best places to help advance your site towards the top of the results page.  But that's only some of it, a lot goes into SEO as it is a very dynamic field.  SEM works a bit differently as SEM is all about getting links on other websites linking back to your homepage.  This is achieved with programs like Google AdWords and Google AdSense.  We will sign you up and get you ready to spread your name around the web like a firestorm.

Social Networking

There is this little site called Facebook, you may have heard of it.  It's kind of a big deal.  And by big deal I mean there are millions of users and there is no reason you shouldn't have a Facebook page for your business or personal site.  We can help you set that up, along with a Twitter account, LinkedIn site, or any other social networking site you would like.  Getting your information onto a social networking site can be essential advertising.

Email Newsletter

Need to get important information to a large client list in a short period of time and don't really want to make all those phone calls?  Let us design, setup, and send out an email newsletter for you!  We can set you up with a professional service that will not only send our your Email Newsletter, but it will give you statistics on the current newsletter, and even manage your client list for you.


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