Business Startup

If you are a brand new company, or looking for a complete re-branding, we have a package for you! We take what we feel are the three most important things to start your business of with and add them in a package.

  1. Logo - This is possibly the single most important thing you will have designed for your company. Your logo will be on every piece of print collateral you have made, and needs to be original enough that everyone can recognize you through your logo.

  2. Business Card - The next most important thing would be your business card. You and your sales team are going to be handing these out to potential clients and they need to look great, and have the correct information on them.

  3. Website - If your company doesn't have a web presence then you are falling behind in the game. A website is your virtual store front that is always open. Potential clients or customers are free to come to your site and browse any day, any time, and see what you have to offer.

So why is it beneficial to go with our business startup package? Well first off it will jolt your company into the fast lane. You will now have a brand that you can start selling, and the professionalism to back it up. But the main reason to get all three done at once is that we will give you 10% off of your final quote as a thanks for using our services. RMD takes seriously the relationships we build with our clients, and we want to help your build and grow your company as we do the same for ours.


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